2019 Industrial Mowers



Power Through Commercial Cuts Quicker and Easier.

The Classic is the ultimate mowing machine with the perfect combination of commercial quality with industrial features.

  • Power and More Power – Choose from a Kawasaki® FX or Kohler® EFI engine up to 35 horsepower, or a 36 horsepower Vanguard® engine to power through the tough jobs with ease.
  • Lifetime Warranty Frame – The strongest frame in the industry with a 1"x 2" 7 gauge steel construction guaranteed not to break.
  • Over-Sized Hydraulics – Reduces the system pressure within the components to extend drivetrain life expectancy.
  • Complete Discharge Control – An operator-controlled discharge chute allows you to switch from normal discharge to blocking the chute on the fly.
  • Tried and True Decks – Offered in three deck widths (50", 60", and 72") the Elite X Deck has been the staple piece to Dixie Chopper's reputation of cleanly cutting all types of grass.
  • New Deck Lift System – Offers ease of servicing and better ergonomics for operator convenience.
High Performance Package

High Performance Package - Comes standard on select models.


OCDC - Open and close the discharge chute on command

Pumps & Wheel Motors

Pumps & Wheel Motors - Stronger transmissions for extended system life.

Heavy-Duty Spindles & Cooling Fans

Heavy-Duty Spindles & Cooling Fans - Keep spindles and belts cool.

50", 60", and 72" Elite X Deck

50", 60", and 72" Elite X Deck - Handles all grass types in any situation.

*up to 600 hour limited warranty

Model: 2750KW 2760KW 3160KW 3160KOE 3672BR 3572KW 3572KOE
Cutting Deck 50" 60" 60" 60" 72" 72" 72"
Engine HP 27 HP 27 HP 31 HP 31 HP 36 HP 35 HP 35 HP
Engine Make Kawasaki® FX Kawasaki® FX Kawasaki® FX Kohler® EFI Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard Kawasaki® FX Kohler® EFI
Pumps Hydro-Gear® 16cc Hydro-Gear® 16cc Hydro-Gear® 16cc Hydro-Gear® 16cc Hydro-Gear® 21cc Hydro-Gear® 21cc Hydro-Gear® 21cc
Wheel Motors Parker® DG280 Parker® DG280 Parker® DG280 Parker® DG280 Parker® DG335 Parker® DG335 Parker® DG335
Acres per Hour 4.8* 5.8* 5.8* 5.8* 7.5* 7.5* 7.5*
Fuel Capacity 8 Gal. 8 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 12 Gal. 12 Gal. 12 Gal.

*Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches

All specifications and item descriptions subject to change.