Press Releases

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Release DateTitle
August 21, 2017Dixie Chopper Grants Wish To 15-Year-Old Tennessee Boy
October 20, 2016Dixie Chopper Unveils New Product at GIE+EXPO
July 7, 2016Dixie Chopper Named "Most Improved" Second Year in a Row
February 18, 2016Dixie Chopper Honors Hundreds of Veterans at National Farm Machinery Show
February 1, 2016Dixie Chopper Honors Veterans at National Farm Machinery Show
October 27, 2015Dixie Chopper Marches Back into GIE+EXPO
May 4, 2015Dixie Chopper Wins Manufacturer Award
April 28, 2015Dixie Chopper Appoints National Sales Manager
March 25, 2015Dixie Chopper Introduces New Kohler EFI Models
November 18, 2014Dixie Chopper Employee Sets Guinness World Record
November 14, 2014Dixie Chopper Investing in its Products and People
October 28, 2014Dixie Chopper Invades GIE+EXPO
September 30, 2014Dixie Chopper Giving Back
September 16, 2014Dixie Chopper Hosts Free Event at GIE EXPO for Commercial Contractors
June 20, 2014Dixie Chopper Honors Hometown Heroes
June 13, 2014Dixie Chopper Appoints GM and Expands Staff
June 2, 2014NASCAR Driver Mows His Own Way
February 6, 2014Jacobsen Textron Acquires Dixie Chopper
May 4, 2013Bliss Scores Last Minute Sponsorship for Talladega
December 3, 2012Indiana Landscaping Company, L & L Landscaping, wins "Landscaper's Dream Package"
October 18, 2012Dixie Chopper 2013 Lineup Debuts at GIE+Expo