2019 Commercial Mowers

Eagle HP

Eagle HP

The ultimate mowing experience.

The new Eagle HP provides the ultimate mowing experience with unmatched combination of speed, power, performance, advanced operator controls, and comfort.

  • Springer Forks – Standard on all Eagle HP models to help absorb bumps and imperfections in the turf creating a smoother ride for the operator.
  • Pure Power – Equipped with the industry preferred Kawasaki® FX or Kohler® EFI engines up to 35 horsepower for trusted performance and reliability.
  • Deep Deck – Offered in three cutting widths (60", 66", and 72"), the Eagle HP's deck features a deep 7 gauge shell to handle more volume when tackling through tough grass.
  • Smooth AND Fast – The Parker® HTG series transmissions deliver super smooth steering up to 14 miles per hour in a reliable and efficient drivetrain.
  • Ultimate Comfort – High-back bolstered design with padded armrests, recline, lumbar, and ISO mounted platform provides the best riding experience.
  • InCommand™ Console – Full control at your fingertips.  Features a keyless ignition, blade and job timer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and SoftStart clutch engagement.
Springer Forks

Springer Forks - Help absorb rough terrain and provide smoother ride


OCDC - Foot-operated to keep your hands on the steering levers

Parker HTG

Parker HTG - Efficient Transmissions with 1,000 hour oil change intervals

Suspension Seat

Suspension Seat - High back, padded armrests, and ISO mounted platform


Decks - Deep 7 gauge shell to tackle deep grass with ease

*up to 1,500 hour limited warranty

Model: 3160KW 3160KOE 3566KW 3366KOE 3572KW 3372KOE
Cutting Deck 60" 60" 66" 66" 72" 72"
Engine HP 31 HP 31 HP 35 HP 33 HP 35 HP 33 HP
Engine Make Kawasaki® FX Kohler® EFI Kawasaki® FX Kohler® EFI Kawasaki® FX Kohler® EFI
Transaxle Parker HTG® 16cc Parker HTG® 16cc Parker HTG® 16cc Parker HTG® 16cc Parker HTG® 16cc Parker HTG® 16cc
Acres per Hour * * * * * *
Fuel Capacity 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal. 10 Gal.

*Acres per hour is calculated on 80% operator accuracy and mowing conditions with an optimum cutting height of 2.5 to 4.5 inches

All specifications and item descriptions subject to change.